PROJECTION: this is the most delicate moment of the activity. In fact, thanks to the aid of specific software programs, Work Mec. is capable of reproducing the final product that will be obtained with the mould realised three-dimensionally after fully understanding customer requirements.
REALISING THE PROTOTYPE: the projection phase is followed by the realisation of a prototype using particular resins that is analysed by the customer for testing its functionality and even the aesthetic aspect.
REALISING THE PILOT MOULDS: they are realised by means of polyurethane, epoxy, elastomers resins, rolling composites, vacuum pack systems, modelling paste and workable benches in order to create pre-series of pieces or sheet, aluminium samples, etc.


REALISING THE MOULD: Software programs are used for true and proper realisation of the mould that allow the highly technological machinery made available by the company to machine precisely. It concerns specific numerical control machinery that by means of software programs and thanks to highly qualified staff can realise the production of pieces that make up the mould. The software program with CAM interface can transform that what has been projected into a part or component of the mould that will then be provided to the customer. Filing the projects allows the realisation of the mould or equipment to be carried out again over time as all components were perfectly realised as projected.
TESTING: it is the final phase of the mould realisation procedure. Work Mec. internally has the equipment available for testing the moulds.

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